dimanche 13 juillet 2014

Watch/Read: Adventure Time, with Finn and Jake

                                                    Adventure Time, with Finn And Jake

In 2010, a cartoon series created by Pendleton ward started on cartoon network. It quickly became a sensation. I discovered it during free comic book day ( at Travelling man), and luckily enough, Netflix has its first season.

This cartoon is set in a post apocalyptic world of Ooo. Finn the Human is the last of his race, and he lives with his adoptive brother, Jake the dog. Both have decided to live a Hero lifestyle, saving people as they try to complete their quests and treasure hunts. Recurrent characters are  Princess Bubblegum, a  DR Frankenstein like character, who has created the candy kingdom citizens, Marcelline, the vampire Queen, a music enthusiast, and the ice King, a villain you just end up loving to bits, even if he has the bad habit of kidnapping princesses.
The Ice King likes writing fan fictions, where he creates feminine Alter Egos of our two heros, Fionna and Cake. This character has a tragic back story (which I still need to discover).

I really like the world created here, very much inspired by Dungeons and Dragons (ah childhood). It is a weird and sweet show, with a dark sense of humor. Sometimes you will be totally surprised by a dark twist, or some scary scenes (definitely not a tv show I would show to young kids).

Love every character features, some being quite not so important in the story, but still having their place, like Treetrunks, the elephant who bakes apple pies, or BMO, the gameboy who has a personality disorders.

I really enjoyed the episode, where Finn, wanting to be a bit more anomymous, disguises himself with a mustache As Davey Johnson, and ends up believing he is that alternate personality.
The episode where Marcelline's dad tricks her into wearing a necklace which transforms her into the evil ruler of the nightosphere is a really powerful one, with an important message.

Music plays an important role in this TV show, I dare you not to get a few of the silly tunes stuck in your head!

Adventure time is a surprising cartoon, a perfect little show to watch during breakfast, or for a cheerful sunday...

Have a good week!