vendredi 4 juillet 2014

Eat: Pandan Sundae

Summer is here, and I'm craving for ice cream!
But I have become so disappointed with mass produced ice creams, that lately, either I run to Ginger Comfort Emporium (, or I end up making my own...

This recipe is initially made with Vanilla extract, but I found it a bit random, so i decided to try it with Pandan Extract.
Pandanus Amaryllifolus is a plant of the screwpine genus. You can either use the leaves, to create teh famous bright green pandan extract, or eat the fruit (which tastes a bit like mango).
Pandan extract has a very nutty/biscuity taste...try to remember these gorgeous green chinese rice cakes! When I was a kid, my parents used to bring me to a Vietnamese restaurant, l'Orchidee, where they served these delicious cakes, made of sticky rice and Mungo beans for dessert. I miss this restaurant, which my friend Kim held for a few years. I think it started my passion for east asian food :)

For this quick pandan ice cream, you will need:

175 ml sweet condensed milk
450 ml double cream (I recommend a good quality jersey cream)
2 Teaspoons of Pandan extract

* Mix all the ingredients together.
* Let it cool in the refrigerator. This will help rise better when whipping.
* Whip your preparation until soft peaks form. Don't over beat it, otherwise it will curdle!

Freeze for 3 hours.

If you have an ice cream maker, like a magimix for example, just follow the recipe, and then whip it in your ice cream maker just before serving! it will be very light and fluffy!

As it freezes, prepare a very simple chocolate fudge sauce.

50 g dark chocolate
4tbsp water
120ml condenses milk
25g Butter

* Put all the ingredients into your pan and let is melt.
*Cool down

Now prepare your sundae cups! I always put the serving cups in the freezer before serving, so the ice cream does not melt too quickly.
 Scoop your ice cream, between each scoop you can add exotic fruits and  Nata de coco. Nata de coco is a translutent jelly issued from the fermentation of coconut water, it has such refreshing taste, and the texture goes so very nicely with ice cream!
Then add whipped cream, and decorate with fruits and a waffer, if you are really cheeky.
Finally drizzle with the chocolate fudge sauce.

If you don't like chocolate, make a simple fruit sauce, by blending for example  225g  mango, the juice of one orange,  50gr or less sugar.

Mr Carden asks for this recipe frequently, and I quite like to make it if I have friends visiting and I want something simple but still bursting with flavor!

I hope you will enjoy,

take care,

Elisabeth Neveux