lundi 7 juillet 2014

Eat: Ginger's Comfort Emporium quirky ice creams...

Even before moving to Manchester, I had heard about Ginger's Comfort Emporium.
David was raving about "Chorlton's crack", a savant mix of Peanut butter and salty caramel. I was thinking, it couldn't beat Bertillon in Paris, but I was wrong!

For a person who has been living a bit more than 12 years in Brittany, THE place for salty caramel, and also an avid peanut butter addict, I absolutely melted with the first spoon.

Ginger's Comfort Emporium is a Manchester based business, created by Claire Kelsey and Dan Manicolo. It all started in a lovingly decorated van, which reminds me of Vintage Circuses and candy shops...
The van itself is a character, with its pink and burgundy decoration, gold leaf details and a beautiful golden wooden framed menu blackboard.

But what truly surprised me on my first experience, was the surprising flavors, just the names made me dream! "Marmalade on Toast","Extra Virgin Olive oil"," Lemon and Orange Blossom", "Green Meanie" (with Absynthe), ...the most surprising being the occasional "Camel Milk" flavor!
I once stopped there with French visiting friends (Pauline and Kevin) and the service by Dan was caring and smiling, he was a real sunshine

These are definitely ice cream for grown ups, but kids will still ask for more! (of course avoid any alcohol ice cream for kids).

They now have a shop in the famous Affleck's Palace, with a beautiful view on the city. Just going to Affleck's is an experience in itself. You pass through the Vintage clothing shop, and here Ginger appears...The place is cozy and quirky, and keeps its beautiful color palette...
You can stand on a high chair at the counter, or sit in the comfortable theater like sofas...
They have gleaned giant suitcases, retro record player, and even a massage chair ;)
I quite like the fact that the music is not over loud (because heh, when you eat with friends, you want to be able to have a good chat?).
 They serve their range of original ice creams, but also milkshakes, and a well balanced coffee.

When you eat in the shop, the ice cream is served into a cup, with a cone! a good extra, as generally, these are missing when you eat on site. The cone itself is crispy and full of flavor. The portion is  generous for one scoop. The prices are reasonable when you consider the high quality and selection  of unusual ingredients (around 3,50 a scoop if you are siting in). There is a real savoir faire.

I tried this time the delicious Extra Virgin olive oil. The balance of flavors is perfect, as the olive oil brings a green bitterness which is absolutely surprising, then it lets space for the sweet creamy flavor, with a nice pinch of salt.
Of course, David had his usual Chorlton Crack, in all its peanut buttery and caramely decadence...

Good news for you, now you can also buy the ice cream in 500 ml pot (Between 7,50 and 8 pounds a pot), if you want to bring a nice treat home for a movie night, with friends, or alone!

If you are too far away, why not trying their book "Melt"? you will be able to prepare at home delicious gourmet ice creams.

Give it a try, you will leave with a big smile on your face!

Edit the10th of July: Making a Summer 2014 re-entrance - FENNEL POLLEN with it's fragrant notes of honey and anise. Also LAVENDER from their garden, and on the sorbet front, PEAR & HIBISCUS, YUZU FRUIT, and GRAPEFRUIT & ORANGE BLOSSOM! So much goodness for you over summer. Levenshulme Market Camp & Furnace Beatherder Festival, Secret Garden Party Festival. Altrincham Market