mercredi 7 janvier 2015


Today, as everyone knows, twelve people lost their lives during a terror attack. Members of the Charlie Hebdo, like Charb, Cabu, Wolinski, Bernard Maris, Tignous and two cops named Ahmed and Frank who tried to protect everyone.

When I was a small kid, and was around 4/5 years old (a long long time ago), I remember watching a few tv shows. Two of them were Recre A2, and later, Club Dorothe. I remember discovering Cabu, and growing very fond of his drawings. They made me smile, and I just loved the fluidity of his drawings, but also the joy of his work.  He was that kind of Ovni on TV and it was so refreshing.
One day, with the help of my mom, I made a drawing of Dorothe, inspired by Cabu's wonderful drawing, and sent it for a drawing contest. Of course I did not win, but I can still feel the joy of doing it!
What happened today is terrible. I cannot find the right words for what I feel. It's a mix of sadness, revolt, and anger, but the sadness prevails.

These creators, and cops, died for a drawing! for artists being creative, for expressing an opinion.

They died because three terrorist acted in the name of their god.

The Charlie Hebdo artists believed in laicity.
It's weird, as yesterday I was talking about it with an artist. I talked about how important it was that Laicity was respected (and religion equally respected, but staying in people's hearts...not trying to impose your personnal beliefs on everyone....and I talk about ALL RELIGIONS)
What these terrorists did is put a gag on the Freedom of speech. They did not see that behind the humor, there was definitely tenderness and love, however satiric these drawings were.

What is aggravating, is that some people might make an amalgam, and put everyone in the same bag. Right wing extremists, which are not any better than these terrorists, will try to use what happenned today as a lever for their elections battle. They will try to instill a hatred, and a sense of fear, when all of this was caused by an extremist minority, and not by the peaceful majority.
As an art creator, I don't want to end up being gagged. I don't want my opinions to be repressed. I don't want these people to win. Because shutting up would be letting them win. Art has allowed me to express myself for so many years, when I was unable to reach anyone, nor to express verbally any kind of my emotions. Drawing gave me strengh, gave me words, and these people won't steal that.

Don't let hatred consume you. Don't play their game. I don't think their god would be proud of them.

 Here is a little extract of Recre A2, with Cabu...