mardi 2 décembre 2014

Just me

Dear readers,

I got tagged by the lovely Nella Fragola (which you can find here ;)
It's the Just me tag game and it's a nice way for you all to get to know a little more about me. So the first part is 25 facts about me (and it won't be much exciting!)

1 My name Elisabeth comes from the little girl my mom babysitted when she was "Au Pair" in the UK. The fact my mom lived there for a while, probably highly influenced my love for british food and books!
2 There is never enough books! I rarely get rid of books, unless they left me totally indiferent (or plainly hated them). Happily it rarely happens. On the other hand, it makes the house look smaller and smaller every month . My ideal house is a house where there would be bookshelves going up to the ceiling in each room!
3 I secretely dream to live in a wooden house...or a hobbit hole, in the middle of the forrest, a bit like an ermit!
4 I used to be quite sporty, with synchronized swimming and french boxing. I quited after some girls started making fun of a new pupil as she was not "slim"enough!
5 I really like quiet places. I run away from cafes when you cannot chat with people, or just cannot think because the music is too loud.
6 I've been living 2 years in the UK. I don't miss France at all (but do miss my family and friends), and feel much more in my element in Manchester. It is much easier to be yourself here. But sometimes I have gigantic cravings for Saucisson and Cheese. I went to the french cheesemonger on the christmas market, and I looked like a junkie!
7 When I was a kid, I wanted to be a Knight of the Round Table, or/and Indiana Jones!
8 Even at the age of Kindles and Ipads, I still dream to open a tea room, whic would at the same time be a bookshop. All served with high quality teas and delicious cakes.
9 But my biggest dream is still to become an ilustrator one day. I just feel very frustrated with my drawing, as I don't have some basics for perspective and anatomy. It always end up with the drawings being torn lately.
10 I have a tendency to have cold hands and feet. Too bad for Dave who has to put up with it.
11 Speaking of Dave, I met my boyfriend in France, when recovering from a surgery for a begnin finger tumor. If it had not been for this, I would not have met him!
12 I'm quite a big anime and books geek. I love nothing more than discovering something new. Nothing gets me more excited than discovering a little hidden gem (like Ayakashi:Samurai horror tales:mononoke).
13 My cat is named Kitsune, because she looked like an arctic fox when she was a baby. Now she looks a bit like Jabba the Hut. Sometimes she is a little shredder, but I still think she is quite a good cat. But not between 7PM and 9PM (before food time).She has a mild food obscession for curry, butternut squash, and chesnuts.
14 When I was a kid, I loved poison Ivy, Jean Grey, and Rosseti's paintings. It ended up with me dying my hair bright red. I still think these females rock ;)
15 If I could, I would wear dirndls everyday, it feels a bit like a secondskin, and it makes me feel like I'm not too bad looking and somehow feminine!
16 I dream to go to Japan and meet my friend Yosuke. And to go to Wagashi tea rooms, eat oden, hiking into the wilderness, and foraging! I think it would be a truly gastronomic trip!
17 I love horror and ghost stories. One of my hobbies is to watch tv shows with haunted houses while drawing.
Also, horror movies are my favorites when I draw! I think it sets me right into the mood...
18 I think when I take time and am relaxed, I can whip some amazing food. I haven't done it properly for ages. I miss it a lot!
19 I think I really am terrible at girly stuff. Last time I tried to keep my hair long to have sophisticated hair dos, I ended up cutting my hair (myself), as it was much more simple! don't even talk about manicures!
20 So far, only one indoor plant has survived me. I feel very guilty, but it never works out!
21 My guilty pleasure is watching Romantic movies. My biggest pride is to have succeeded to make Dave watch Pride and Prejudice (and he liked it)
22 I like playing records on a turn table. Ella and Louis are my good mood choice!
23 I cannot stand my voice, and people saying I'm cute! heh! I'm a tough cookie!
24 I love foraging! it's something my grandad and my parents taught me, and you cannot imagine how amazing it is to eat food you found and not die or get poisoned :D. And it's even better if you can make your own Elderflower liquor!
25 I'm a lady who loves whiskey,  peaty and slightly sweet at the same time. Nothing like sharing it with my sweetheart or my friends Francois Amoretti and Nella Fragola :)

1. What is the meaning behind your blog name?
It's a blog about food, books and movies. Paul Loudon helped me find the name for it :)
I miss blogging and hope to have more time to do it. But each blog took me a whole day minimum!
2. Best thing that happened to you this year?
I made an illustration for Box Tale's soup "Casting the runes". It happened just two days after something really terribly bad hapenned, and it enabled me to empty my heart out in this drawing. I think you can get the mood.
3. Why do you blog?
I blog,as it kind of pushes me to draw for pleasure. After I had taken fine arts, I kind of lost track about why I loved drawing. But blogging re-made me discover the simple enjoyement of drawing, having fun, and doing things because I love them... I think it's something you should never loose track of! This blog especially mixed a few of my passions with drawing and I cannot wait to go back to it, but as a manager of a shop, I sometimes find hard to find energy (I'm hibernating on my days off).
4. What are you afraid of?
People not caring for what happens around them. People not looking. Earth becoming a tip because people don't care.
5. One beauty product you would recommend to your readers?
I never stick much to beauty products, as long as it does the job (minimal as you can see heehee). Does perfume can be ticked as one? I love La chasse aux papillons de l'artisan parfumeur. I miss that perfume so much, it makes me smile every time I wear it. It's a truly incredible perfume with linden, light tuberose and Orange Blossom.
Otherwise, orange blossom water. Simple but effective.

I tag Amelie Siria-Ellenen xxx

Challenge taken Nella! x