mercredi 5 août 2015

What I have been up to!

Good afternoon dear readers!

I'm sorry I have been up to nothing for the past year! it was a bit hectic!
Lots of things happened, and things leading to another, I ended up opening my own little shop in Afflecks Palace, Manchester!

THis is the space before I moved was a bit crazy, as I signed it on an impulse, thanks to Jackie, from Wacky Jax creations . I cannot say how grateful I am , as she let me have the space (the shop I used to manage had just shut its doors). THe space looked very small, and i wondered if everything would fit in! I then had to ask my suppliers if they would follow me, and they did!

So here is the shop, before!

The lovely sight on Church Street <3
 THe glassbox and pretty colors caught my eye big time <3
THis is my happy face, after I started moving in, with the help of Jackie and Mike. As always, I look a bit ghastly :

THe shop filled up very quickly, with Wacky Jax, Chlo Lo Steph,Wraptious and Dandygoose being some of the first to move in!then Sue Langford, Chris Rose photography, Kate Conaghan,cityscape, Tishy's,
Lots of the artwork was carried through the bus, I think one of the bus drivers now boycots me ;)

Little by little it started to take shape!

New creators joined us, but i will talk about this in another blog post! <3

Our customers really love everyone's work, it's lovely to get such a positive answer, it's lots of hard work (60plus hours a week when I'm lucky), 6 days on 7 when I'm lucky, but it's worth every bit!
I am my own boss, and I think supporting blossoming artists is amazing!  I have met some amazing people in Afflecks, and I'm enjoying the challenge!
Once the website will be launched, I hope to start creating keep an eye on this blog chaps!

the new step willl be an A board shared with Soapy J (go check his shop there: He makes lovely vegan friendly soaps, I'm addicted!)