vendredi 8 août 2014

Read: Nimona, by Noelle Stevenson

 I think around 6 months ago, I was out of comics to read, and I wanted a little something to follow a few times a week. I found on a few websites (including the Mary Sue, regular high praise about Nimona.

I got so wrapped up in this webcomic, that I caught up with everything in a single night, finishing at dawn. And then I had to start WAITING for the chapters, like everyone did, twice a week!
The end is nigh for Nimona, we are coming to the final chapter, and I could not have gone without making a blog post about this beautiful webcomic.

One day, Lord Ballister Blackheart, a supervillain, takes under his wing Nimona, a shapeshifter.
But Ballister is not a villain as we could think, and he is trying to reveal the dark plots behind the people who claim to be the righteous ones, who are the "protectors of the Kingdom". He will try to canalize Nimona, who has quite destructive and explosive ideas.

First, the character of Nimona, I love the fact that she is no cliche girl, she has a punk hair style, piercings, and a generous body shape! exit the cliches of super slim heroin like we can see all the time. She can transform into a shark (to bring the best sense of humor), or into a dark beast (for the most dramatic scenes).
I love seeing the different transformations of Nimona, who reflect so well her emotions.
She is a whole mystery during the whole series, and you will be heart broken to discover her backstory.

Lord Ballister Blackheart is a splendid SuperVillain, who never accomplishes much, until Nimona pops into his life. Little by little, we will discover how he lost his arm and got his scar. His relationship with Nimona is of a father daughter relationship. He tries to calm her down, and understand her, and will go very far to help her. But Nimona is so deeply hurt I cannot help but wonder if it is going to finish nicely for these two.

Sir Goldenloin is the archeitypical knight in shiny armor (with a codpiece ;) ), and has become Ballister's Nemesis. I'm curious and anxious about his fate following the last few pages.

Overshadowing all this story, is the Director, a not so human character, head of dark scientific studies, she is pulling the strings of the Kingdom.

The world itself is a mashup of fantasy and science fiction.

Noelle Stevenson's style is really evolving through the whole run of the story. Her line is tender, and so is her story. She can bring you from laughter to being left eyes all watery, and the whole story develops beautifully. You might know of her as she has worked on Adventure Time

I have grown so fond of her characters, and the whole world of Nimona. When the comic is going to end, it's going to feel a bit empty.
But it is definitely a read I recommend you warmly. :)

Just so you know, there are some news about Noelle Stevenson's publishing!
Nimona will be published into two books by Harper and Collins (I cannot wait to hold it between my hands!), and she will also work on the adaptation of Sleepy Hollow comic books (which is a double hurray, two of my favorite "things" fused together!!).

Here is the link to Nimona, have a good sleepless friday night!